Ingredients For ABC Juice

2 mediumsized apples
3 fresh and crisp carrots
1 large beetroot
1 cucumber
1 lemon

Serving Size &Cooking Time

This ABC Juice recipe yields two servings, making it ideal for sharing or storing for later. Preparation time is a quick 10 minutes, ensuring you can enjoy this nutritious beverage without a lengthy wait.

Macros Information

Per serving, this ABC Juice provides a lowcalorie option, contributing to your weight loss efforts. With minimal calories and no added sugars, it's a guiltfree way to satisfy your sweet cravings while promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Stepwise Cooking Instructions

Wash and peel the apples, carrots, and beetroot.
Cut the fruits and vegetables into smaller chunks for easier juicing.
Using a highquality juicer, process the apples, carrots, beetroot, and cucumber.
Squeeze the juice from the lemon and add it to the mixture.
Stir the juice well to combine the flavors.
Pour the vibrant ABC Juice into glasses and serve immediately.

Nutritional Benefits

ABC Juice is a powerhouse of nutrients, offering a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Apples provide natural sweetness, carrots contribute betacarotene, beetroot adds iron and folate, cucumber hydrates, and lemon imparts a zesty kick. Together, these ingredients promote weight loss and overall wellbeing.