Indulge in delightful Chickpea flour pancake breakfast recipe. Pancake—a veganfriendly alternative that perfectly balances flavor and health. Packed with plantbased goodness, this pancake is a tasty and fulfilling way to start your day.

vegan chickpea flour pancake


  1. 1 cup chickpea flour
  2. 1 tablespoon ground flaxseeds (flax egg replacement)
  3. 1 cup almond milk (or any plantbased milk)
  4. 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  5. 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder (for color and added health benefits)
  6. 1/4 teaspoon black salt (kala namak)
  7. 1/4 teaspoon black pepper
  8. 1/4 cup finely chopped vegetables (bell peppers, onions, tomatoes)
  9. 1 tablespoon chopped fresh cilantro (optional)
  10. 1 tablespoon cooking oil (for greasing the pan)

Serving Size & Cooking Time

Serves : 2 Preparation Time 10 minutes
Cooking Time : 15 minutes

Macros Information

Calories 150 per serving
Protein : 8g
Carbohydrates : 15g
Fat : 7g

Stepwise Cooking Instructions

  1. Prepare Flax Egg In a small bowl, mix ground flaxseeds with water to create a flax egg. Let it sit for 5 minutes until it thickens.
  2. Create Batter In a mixing bowl, combine chickpea flour, flax egg, almond milk, baking powder, turmeric powder, black salt, and black pepper. Whisk until you achieve a smooth batter.
  3. Add Vegetables Fold in finely chopped vegetables and fresh cilantro into the batter. This adds a burst of color, flavor, and nutrition.
  4. Heat Pan Heat a nonstick pan over medium heat. Add a few drops of oil and spread it evenly across the pan.
  5. Pour Batter Pour a ladle of batter onto the pan, spreading it gently to form a round pancake. Cook until bubbles appear on the surface.
  6. Flip and Cook Carefully flip the pancake and cook the other side until it turns golden brown. Repeat this process for the remaining batter.
  7. Serve Warm Once cooked, serve the Chickpea Flour Pancakes warm. They pair well with vegan yogurt, avocado slices, or a drizzle of maple syrup.

Nutritional Benefits

Chickpea flour serves as an excellent source of plantbased protein and fiber, promoting satiety and aiding digestion. The addition of turmeric brings antiinflammatory properties, while vegetables contribute essential vitamins and minerals.


This vegan pancake boasts micronutrients such as iron and magnesium from chickpea flour, supporting energy levels and bone health. The flaxseeds provide omega3 fatty acids, essential for heart health. Incorporate this Wholesome Chickpea Flour Pancake into your breakfast routine for a nutritious, crueltyfree start to your day.

Expert Tips

  1. Optimal Chickpea Flour Consistency: Achieve the right pancake texture by ensuring your chickpea flour is finely ground. This avoids a gritty or coarse feel in the finished product.
  2. Flavor Variations: Experiment with different spices like cumin or paprika for added flavor. Adjust quantities based on personal taste preferences.
  3. Balancing Batter Thickness: Adjust the batter consistency by adding more plantbased milk if it's too thick. A slightly thinner batter results in lighter, fluffier pancakes.
  4. Customize Vegetable Choices: Tailor the pancake to your liking by choosing your favorite vegetables. Spinach, mushrooms, or grated zucchini are excellent choices for added nutrition.
  5. Use a NonStick Pan: Ensure a hasslefree cooking experience by using a good quality nonstick pan. This minimizes the need for excessive oil and promotes even cooking.
  6. Play with Colors: Turmeric not only adds health benefits but also a vibrant yellow hue to the pancakes. Adjust the quantity to achieve the desired color.
  7. Perfecting the Flip: Wait until the edges of the pancake firm up and bubbles appear on the surface before flipping. This ensures the pancake is cooked through.
  8. Enhance Protein Content: Boost the protein content by adding a handful of cooked chickpeas to the batter. This provides an extra protein punch.
  9. Serve with Vegan Accompaniments: Elevate your meal by serving the pancakes with vegan options like dairyfree yogurt, avocado slices, or a tangy tomato salsa.
  10. Prevent Stickiness: Grease the pan with a small amount of oil before pouring each pancake. This prevents sticking and promotes a smoother cooking process.


In conclusion, our Wholesome Chickpea Flour Pancake is a testament to the versatility and nutritional richness of plantbased ingredients. Expert tips such as optimal chickpea flour consistency, flavor variations, and the use of a nonstick pan ensure you master the art of creating delectable vegan pancakes. This pancake not only caters to vegan preferences but also delivers a wholesome blend of protein, fiber, and micronutrients. The customizable nature of the recipe allows you to tailor it to your taste, making it a delightful and nutritious addition to your breakfast repertoire.


  1. Can I use regular milk instead of almond milk?
    Absolutely. While almond milk adds a nutty flavor, you can use any plantbased milk of your choice.
  2. What's the purpose of turmeric in the recipe?
    Turmeric adds a subtle earthy flavor and brings antiinflammatory properties, enhancing both taste and health benefits.
  3. Can I make the batter ahead of time?
    Yes, you can prepare the batter the night before and refrigerate it. Stir before cooking the pancakes.
  4. Are chickpea pancakes glutenfree?
    Yes, chickpea flour is naturally glutenfree, making these pancakes suitable for glutensensitive individuals.
  5. Can I freeze leftover pancakes?
    Absolutely. Once cooled, stack the pancakes with parchment paper in between and freeze. Reheat in a toaster or oven when ready to eat.
  6. Is there a substitute for flaxseeds in the flax egg?
    Chia seeds can be used as an alternative to flaxseeds to create a chia egg with similar binding properties.
  7. What other vegetables can I add to the batter?
    Get creative! Try adding grated carrots, finely chopped spinach, or diced bell peppers for a variety of flavors and textures.
  8. Can I make these pancakes oilfree?
    While a small amount of oil aids in cooking, you can use a nonstick pan and reduce the oil quantity for a more oilfree option.
  9. How do I store leftover batter?
    Store any unused batter in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. Stir well before using.
  10. Can I make mini pancakes for appetizers?
    Absolutely! Adjust the size of the pancakes to create bitesized delights perfect for appetizers or snacks.

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